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You don't have to wait twenty or even ten years to be eligible for telecommuting work. If you want to know some of the fields that allow telecommuting, look at the careers that are growing. The less a company is able to fill a job vacancy the more a company may consider tele-working for an employee. The company may negotiate the position into a freelance position but the freedom to work at home can offer bonuses that Traditional on location jobs can not.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2004-2014 Job Outlook for College Graduates numerous occupations with significant future openings will include telecommuting. The following is a list of seven prominent career fields with the job predicted to present the most opportunities to bachelor's degree graduates in each field.

Industry: Arts and Writing
Job: Public Relations Specialist
Summary: Promote media's awareness of clients via publicity campaigns. Act as a liaison - often via written press releases - between clients and the public.
Average Salary: $45,020 Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 70,000
Conclusion: Expanding media outlets and a retiring workforce should create career opportunities for college graduates with strong communication skills.

Industry: Business, Finance and Sales
Job: Accountants and Auditors
Summary: Analyze fiscal records, inform clients about tax laws, prepare financial and statistical reports, and organize systems for recording expenditures.
Average Salary: $52,210 Projected job openings from 2004-2014:486,000
Conclusion: Rising personal incomes and increased regulation of financial activity should augment the need for accountants and auditors.

Industry: Computers and Engineering
Job: Computer Software Applications Engineers
Summary: Develop, analyze and modify computer applications software for optimal operational efficiency.
Average Salary: $77,090 Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 268,000
Conclusion: Ever-intensifying demand for new technology is expected to drive hiring of computer engineers.

Industry: Counseling and Social Science
Job: Child, Family and School Social Workers
Summary: Provide services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children, both in and out of school, as well as their families.
Average Salary: $35,250 Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 98,000
Conclusion: As schools and parents continue to see the benefits of counseling, demand for social workers is expected to grow.

Industry: Education
Job: Elementary School Teachers (except special education) Summary: Teach public or private elementary school students academic and social skills.
Average Salary: $44,040 Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 87,000
Conclusion: In addition to the large number of educators that are expected to retire, there is also a trend toward smaller class sizes that will result in employment opportunities for teachers.

Industry: Science
Job: Chemists
Summary: Conduct chemical analyses and experiments, often in order to develop new products or knowledge.
Average Salary: $57,890 Projected job openings from 2004-2014: 33,000
Conclusion: Many scientists are expected to retire, resulting in a shrinking workforce that will need to be replaced.


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