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Coffee Caffeine Supplemen Good Health Benefits

Coffee Caffeine Supplemen Good Health Benefits

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Caffeine Isn't A Drug, It's A Supplement

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It is a daily routine for millions of Americans; the morning cup of coffee or a flavorful espresso in an aroma filled cafe on the way to work. Nevertheless, for years our favorite way of kick-starting the day has had a bad press. We have been told repeatedly that too much coffee can make people jittery and raise cholesterol levels, so experts stressed moderation. Now it seems the beans are turning and showing some new colors.

Experts are saying that coffee can be good for you, and the stronger, the better. Institutions are saying that coffee's caffeine and antioxidants is the coffee's healthy secret. The roasting process is part of the reason caffeine is especially potent. For years, coffee's chemical make-up has been studied to understand what its components do once inside the human body. Numerous studies have shown that drinking coffee can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, colon cancer and could even lower your risk of cavities.

Last year, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program produced results from a study that they say daily cups of coffee can reduced the occurrence of cirrhosis, a condition that destroys liver tissue, by 22 percent (of 125,000 people). Several studies between 1954 to 1958 and 1971 to 1973 showed that coffee consumption was not associated cardiovascular disease disorders. Other health helping discoveries have included

  • Antioxidants (present in coffee and known as polyphenols) help battle cancer
  • Parkinson's drugs are now being developed that contain a derivative of caffeine based on caffeine evidence.
  • Studies show that people who regularly drink coffee are less prone to depression.
  • Caffeine in coffee may help manage asthma and even control attacks when medication is unavailable.
  • Being asthmatic I can give my personal backing for this. In times where I was having wheezing problems that my immediate inhaler wasn't reducing, a cup of strong coffee helped to further reduce the wheezing problems.

Overall, the research shows that coffee is far more healthful than it is harmful. There is no denying that coffee isn't for everyone. Its legendary buzz in excess quantities that is more than whatever your individual body can tolerate can increase nervousness, cause rapid heartbeat and trembling hands. Furthermore, pregnant women, heart patients, and anyone with stomach ulcers or at risk for osteoporosis are advised to avoid it. Interesting but a bit disappointing studies says that unfiltered coffee as in the French Press method has been associated with an increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol.
I certainly believe that coffee is far less dangerous than soda. On the other hand, coffee is usually one of the most heavily sprayed crops, and is often contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides which may or may not be a health hazard. Those who do worry about this would be well advised to drink organic coffee only. Organic coffee can be found online and can have very competitive prices. This is just one of many companies offering organic coffees and tea.»»

There's nothing to beat walking into a room filled with the perfume of coffee. A hot cup of coffee on a cold, winter morning wakes up the day but what really makes coffee even more likeable is the attractiveness of the coffee mug. The one item people almost always have too many of and never have enough of is coffee cups. Long ago I had a beautiful collection of animal shaped coffee cups. My favorite was the rhino cup with his horn as the handle. Now that studies are saying Coffee Is Good, maybe I'll start that collection again.

Over cups of java flows matters of romance, high finance, government affairs (sometimes literally), common gossip and low comedy. Coffee is a social adhesive: A warmer of tongues, a soberer of minds, a stimulant of wit, and a safe 1st online date meeting arrangement. From roadside mugs to the classic demitasse, it is the democrat, the republican, the liberal and the activist... and now it may be the new drinkable health supplement.

I'm making me a fresh pot of coffee and enjoying it guilt free.


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