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Christmas Is The Time For Giving Of Donations

Which One Do You Choose?

In the last week I've been researching melancholy subjects about High School drops»» and my pessimistic view regarding U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling's speeches.»» I'm now doing more detailed research of why High School kids drop out based on volunteered stories...

So with all this Christmas melancholy hanging from the internet gateway like mistletoe (which is poisonous by the way) I figured I would find something positive. But since I'm a Libra I've also gotta have balance, I gotta have a little misery with my oatmeal every morning, that's why I read the news.

I found a site that is called Donors Choose.»» The first thing I thought of was "WOW - what a great idea. I get to choose the charity I donate money to and all of the charities are proposals from public education teachers. Perfect!"

The internet is faceless, we can't actually see those we help»» and maybe that's better. Maybe people need to know they can help a cause financially without feeling too much guilt. I'm not one of those who can do that (sometimes). I went to the website and after reading some of the proposals I envisioned the faces of kids and teenagers who want to learn and teachers»» who are frustrated due to the lack of funds.

OK... I won't stand on my big industrial sized soap box but I am standing on my family economy size box.

How it works: Public school teachers write about special projects they would like to have their students participate in. The teachers write the proposal and submit it to Donors Choice.

Givers (that's you and me) choose which project we want to fund and we have the choice of funding the entire amount or a small amount as little s $10 - three & 1/3 Starbuck Chai with soy milk lattes... I can give up 3 of them things.

You can choose based on

  • City
  • % low income
  • Art / Literacy, Math / Science, Physical ED
  • Cost to complete

I choose Art»» because I'm a wannabe art snob when I grow up. Than after scanning various ones I chose the below proposal to list here because I know a few dancers who work incredibly hard on their performances and the proposal has only 1% of it funded.

This is only a summery - To read the entire proposal please click on the proposal name
Hear Me Earth, My Spirit Soars»»

Through this project, the children will gain an understanding about the real people who have created tribal music and carried on the tribal traditions within their individual roles in those tribes. The children will understand that these people are just like themselves and that each work they create represents a special part of self-expression.

The children will be encouraged to express their own ideas about what they hear, see, and create.

Our school serves a very diverse population with many children from different cultures - Asian, Hispanic, African American, South American, Caucasian, Native American and many from island areas. Many of our children are from low socio-economic households and single parent families. Many of the children are on free/reduced meals.

Materials necessary to the project would be the authentic Native American Drums and videos of Native American music such as "Discovering American Indian Music" and "Into the Circle", and books and CD's such as "Myth, Music, and Dance of the American Indian" and "Native American Odyssey" for the background needed.

This is just one story of several pages. It's just crazy to believe that our educational system is so badly lacking in basic educational needs such as large school room size maps, science equipment, new books and little extras such as the above for culture and artist learning.

In addition, I'm a bit jaded with some of the charities in my surrounding area. As I've mentioned before I go to the park on the weekends with my dog. Occasionally I will see what logic tells me is a homeless person throwing away clothes and caned food out a bag that is clearly marked from a charity organization. I have no doubt that these individual are the 1% (or less) that receive donations but it is still a bit negative to think that my donations may just be thrown away.

With Donors Choice I get to choose where financial donation goes and while I won't be able to fly to NY to see their performance»» at least I know there will be one.


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