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Christmas New Year Eve Single Dateless

Christmas New Year Eve Single Dateless

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Spending Christmas and or New Year's Eve single & dateless

A thing to celebrate not be melancholy.

Spending Christmas / New Year's Eve or wanting to be on your own at this time of year doesn't mean you're a social outcast. I can't believe what I thought would be a simple intent search for things for single people to do during the holidays would be so difficult. By the lack of search results you would think that everyone has something planned so there's no need for ideas to spend the holidays single. But a little digging proved that single people do enjoy and sometimes prefer the holidays dateless.

I'm only guessing when I estimate that approximately 75% of anyone has somewhere to go for Christmas and or New Years Eve. This year luckily I have plans for both. However last year, I had no plans and spent Christmas Eve doing laundry because my boyfriend at the time couldn't rub two mental thoughts together and consider calling me let alone actually visiting me; New Years Eve wasn't any better. This year I promised myself that regardless of date or no date, I was going to have plans.

Christmas time in the city generates images of drinking bad beer in a smoky bar (unless you live in California's no inside smoking state.) If you live in the city, you can also go to the movies, there's a way to kill 2 hours. However, I would like to present some different ideas on where you can spend your Christmas and New Years Eve. There's no reason why you have to spend it alone or at home unless you choose to for good reasons. Reruns of Desperate Housewives or playing Final Fantasy is not a good reason.

This month, more then any other time of the year, is packed with amazing activities that are actually better when enjoyed solo. The point isn't to forget you're single, it's to bask in all the freedoms that come with it.


Find an activity you've been meaning to try and broaden your horizons. Show the world that your single plate has some scrumptious portions.
Need some ideas?

  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking
  • Road Trip
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Great Blogging

Take a chance and try one or two of those Single's events. Take advantage of mistletoe at an event and kiss a cutie. You get in trouble for doing stuff like that when you're attached or even during the other 11 months, so take advantage of it. If the cutie turns into a slush, at least you have something interesting to write about online»»

Holiday Culinary Delights


One of the very best parts about the holidays is the food. In fact, it might be better, because you don't have to figure out who should pay the bill.

  • Go with friends to holiday parties and meet someone new (friend or dateable)
  • Go to a Happy Hour at a bar / restaurant that you have never been to but sounds interesting.
  • Go to a wine tasting

Get the heck outta there

One of the best aspects of being single is complete freedom from another person's family obligations or expectations. Make the most of your unattached status (and become the envy of couples everywhere) by celebrating the holidays in another city.... or better yet anther part of the world. A Travel Agent»» can assist you if you have questions or concerns. How far are you frum Canada or Mexico? Go, have some fun!

Go online and look for the discount / last minute travel deals such as the ones that can be found at [Fodors»», off-season designations will be cheap. Don't even think twice about traveling solo, if you're a women, the solo single gurl are always admired. The thoughts of a women brave enough to travel alone shows confidence and confidence is very attractive. For men, being single, straight and not from the local area is attractive. Consider meeting an online acquaintance at a cafe or reach out to a online community in anther city and ask them where all the great places are to visit.

Laugh, dance and be social

Go to a comedy club. If you are in a metropolitan area such as Los Angeles, chances are good that Comedy clubs will be open on Christmas day. These ideas and more can be found at cityguide AOL. New Year's Eve has plenty of events so there is absolutely no reason you can not find something interesting.

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Host a Christmas party

Host a Christmas party for other people who don't have plans. This doesn't have to be at your home. Find a cafe or restaurant that will be open and than invite all of your friends as well as acquaintances from online communities that your part of. Make it safe by holding the party at someplace casual like Denny's. At the event you can have do a White Elephant Gift Exchange. I was told about this as more of a game, than exchange. Whatever it is originally it is fun.

Here's the game

1. This party's gift theme is XXX.
2. The gift should be valued as close between $ to $ - The one I was invited to was between $5 to $15
3. The gift should be something someone would actually want or use. It should be in new or good condition.
4. The gift should be wrapped or in an a gift bags if the item is wrapped inside and you can not guess at what it is.
5. Gift certificates are OK if it is accompanied with a gift such as a $xx Starbucks gift certificate inside a coffee mug is OK.
6. The gifts should be placed in an area where few people can see who brought which gift.

The Game:

1. Each guest who wishes to participate must contribute a gift. Everyone sits or stands in roughly a circle around the pile of gifts.
2. Prepare slips of paper equal to the number of gifts with clearly written numbers. Each participating guest draws a number and holds onto that slip of paper.
3. On the first turn, the guest with paper slip #1 chooses a gift, opens it, and all admire it.
4. On the second turn, the guest with paper slip #2 gets the choice of "stealing" any unwrapped gift (#1's) or choosing a wrapped one. If #2 steals #1's gift, then #1 must open a wrapped gift.
5. On the third turn, the guest with paper slip #3 gets the choice of "stealing" any unwrapped gift (#1's or #2's) or choosing a wrapped one.

The game continues based on the following:

1.If a gift is stolen from you, you can steal a gift (within limits, described below), or open a wrapped one.
2. The turn proceeds until a wrapped gift is chosen.
3. A gift cannot be immediately stolen back from the guest who just stole it. i.e. #4 can not steal the gift from #3 who just stole it from #2
4. The forth "owner" of a gift gets to keep it. The gift is "owned" after it has been stolen three times.
5. "Owners" of "active" gifts must keep them visible and hold them up when requested.
6. The gift exchange ends when the last wrapped gift is opened. Usually, guests are encouraged to perpetuate the gift stealing as long as there are "active" gifts, but no one is obligated to do this.

If staying home is your thing - Indulge!

  • Eggnog
  • Peppermint stick ice cream
  • Home made pumpkin pie
  • Order carry out from a sinfully delicious restaurant with dessert and enjoy.

For the book geeks (like me)
Start reading a book in a book series and not just a single over in a book product.

Some of my favorites

  • Fantasy - Icewind Dale Trilogy by R.A. Salvador
  • Fantasy - Path of Fate by Diana Pharaoh Francis
  • Suspense - Alex Cross Series by James Patterson
  • Suspense / Fiction - River God & The 7th Scroll by Wilbur Smith
  • Fantasy - The Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling
  • Suspense - The Green Mile - Stephen King

Good videos to make you laugh

  • Elf 2003
  • Sister Act 1992
  • Some like it hot 1959
  • The Gods Must be Crazy 1980
  • Caddy Shack (only the first one) 1980
  • Young Frankenstein 1974 (One of my ultra favorites)
  • Police Academy 1984
  • Airplane 1980
  • Office Space 1999
  • Monty Python & The Holy Grail (British comedy / British humor) 1975
  • Last Holiday 2006


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