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Child Magazine Best Children Hospitals

Child Magazine Best Children Hospitals

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2007's Top 10 Children's Hospitals

The Importance of Nursing

Nursing Careers»»

1. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
2. Children's Hospital Boston
3. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
4. Texas Children's Hospital, Houston
5. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
6. Columbus Children's Hospital, OH
7. St. Louis Children's Hospital
8. Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, Cleveland
9. Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
10. The Children's Hospital in Denver
- By Child Magazine

The requirements for nursing school differ from one school to the next but all have certain main pre-requisite classes that are required for students to take. These include courses in

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Social Sciences
  • Biology
  • English I & II
  • Psychology
  • Life Span Psychology,
  • Pharmaceutical course
  • Chemistry course.

Most nursing schools require a grade of C or better for each of the above named courses. Each student must complete the Nursing Entrance Test prior to getting their name on the nursing school admission list. Consequently, for the associate degree nurse, the entire program can be expected to take up to three years to complete.

However, those who aspire to be nurses will first take training courses as Nurse Assistants and work they're way through nursing school. It's also likely, that employer's have already set up an employee educational tuition fund to encourage employees to continue they're education and obtain their Nursing degree.

The nurses pay is also an incentive to enroll in Nursing School, though it should not be the main reason. Patients need nurses. Not only for the obvious medical requirements, but for the more human ones.

There is a huge need of new students for nursing programs and many who enroll in the nursing program rang in ages from 32 to 52. Many of these students bring with them vast life experiences. Therefore it is not surprising to find nursing students that have previous careers in such areas as secretarial, information technology and even business management.

This was not the norm twenty or thirty years ago, when most of the nursing students were in their early twenties. There are quite a few current nursing students that are holding full time jobs and juggling kids and financial obligations. The responsibilities that the new nursing students must bear become at most unbearable when actual nursing school begins. So, the nursing student is faced with a stressful road map right at the beginning.

Nevertheless, the sacrifices sweat and tears are worth every single moment when you are finally handed your diploma. One of the ways students are making this they're reality is by attending online college courses.

Here are 5 good reasons to consider an online college.

1) Availability

Online college degrees come in a variety of packages designed for students. The costs of apartments, dorm rooms, living expenses as well as the allure of parting and a social life is expensive. The internet can bring a college degree into their home which in turns saves money for the parent(s) and or student.

2) Convenience

Who does not love walking around in their pajamas first thing in the morning or after work? While attending class you can wear your favorite pair of pajamas and no one is going to gawk at your South park pajamas. More important than pajamas is the fact that online colleges give more options as to when you study and attend classes.

3) Financial

Online colleges can cost as much as traditional degrees without the living and social costs.

4) Flexibility

Online colleges allow students to take courses at their own pace.

5) Ability to work and or volunteer

Students can work either a part time or full time job while attending classes. In addition, a lot of surveys are attributing career related volunteer work as a primary stepping stone to a successful career after college. A student can manage working a part time job with a part time volunteer position and go to college with less stress.

Medical & Dental Careers are some of the most personally rewarding, and stable careers in the job market.»»


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