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Celltrade Get Out Cell Phone Contact

Celltrade Get Out Cell Phone Contact

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Celltrade Gets You Out Of Your Cell Phone Contact

People change cell phones and cellphone plans the way they change season wardrobes and they spend as much to do so. If you want to change plans because you're current cell phone service is bad it could cost you a $150 early termination fee (or more). This has been a dilemma for years. However, a new company called Celltrade is boosting about their new service that allows you to put your cell phone plan on the market (transfer the contract) to be matched up with someone that is looking to get into a cell phone plan and takes on the responsibility of your remaining months.

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From their website

What is has developed the world's first cellular exchange place. Whether you want to walk away from your current contract as a Get Out member, or if you want to find an unbeatable deal as a Get In member, has brought millions of cellular customer together to get out of stressful contract obligations, and to save big on their next cellular transaction.

Does cover my provider? works with every cellular provider in the U.S.A. that requires a signed contract.

Why would someone take on a contract? So they can avoid paying any activation fees and full term contracts. For the person trying to get out of a contract, the service provides user profiles that are initially free and charges $19.99 for each contract you get out of. So if you don't actually get rid of your plan you pay nothing.

I went searching for dirt on Celltradeusa because they say if it seems too good to be true, it is. However, so far I have found only positive experiences. One satisified customer left the following comment on a review for Celltradeusa

I read a similiar article on a few weeks ago. After calling my provider recently Verizon Wireless to tell them that I have no service in my new town in New Jersey they told me that I was still in a contract because they had service in NJ just not in my town lol. I decided to give celltradeusa a try as per that article in short it did work. I posted my ad njville and craigslist to advertise my celltrade listing. couple days later I found someone. Everything is A OK now... Just thought I would share my experience :)

Nothing is perfect though and I was able to find some dirt... even if it is understandable responsible dirt.

With Celltradeusa you may or may not be able to keep your cell phone number. Providers have been sketchy and some will let you keep it and other say no.

The other tidbit is that the person taking over your contract has to pass your cellphone provider's credit check.

The site basically creates a commodities market for cellphone plans.

As if that's not enough to make you immediately click over to their site... they're even on My Space! WOW - celltradeusa»»


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