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Cell Phone Crafting
What to do with a cell phone you have no use for.

Crafters are some of the best Folk artists. I've tried my hand on a few projects and have had both success and artistic failure. However, it's not the result that always matters. It's that I've taken something that was headed towards the garbage, salvaged it, cleaned it up, crafted into something completely different and than gave it away, sold it or put the new crafted items out for the garbage. Hey, at least I try. Artist Careers»»

Here are a couple of ideas for what to do with a cell phone you no longer need or is broken and you can't sell it.

SIM Card Earrings

SIM cards are tiny, rectangular card found in many mobile phones that acts as an ID card for your cell phone. In most cell phones it's located behind the battery and is used to store your phone number. It's also what activates your phone for use. When the card is removed from your cell phone, the cell phone stops working. Than again, if your considering making these cool little earnings your cell phone probably no longer works anyhow.

A lot of people are trading, upgrading and finding cell phones (thrift stores always have some kind of older cell phones). If you can pick up a couple for a cheap price, you can make some nifty stuff.

  1. Pierce a hole through the top center of the SIM card. Use a small nail. Wear gloves if you don't trust your ability to not stick the nail through your finder or hand.
  2. Make sure the holes are wide enough to get the jump rings through, but not so wide that the hole is unattractive. Use a small picture hanging type nail.
  3. Open the jump ring using crafting pliers. It's best to twist the jump ring sideways as it will open easier. However only open it wide enough to slip it into the hole you've made in the SIM card. Hint: "What are Jump Rings?" - A jump ring is an oval or round ring of metal wire used at the end of a chain to which a clasp or securing system is attached. You can find them at most stores such as craft stores, Wal-Mart and Target stores.
  4. Slip the SIM card on to the jump ring.
  5. Slip an earring hook on to the jump ring and close.

This idea also works for SIM card necklaces. Use a pretty cord or ribbon as the chain. Than again, you could go funky by using your imagination and use some funky fabric for the necklace chain. If you're into beading, you could use the SIM card as the center pendant.

Christmas Decorations

Technology Trinket

Remove the cell phone visual panel (if there is one), paint and or glue a funky image(s) on the screens. Hot glue a pretty ribbon on the back and secure the ribbon to the back of the screen with a matching size piece of felt and give them as little gifts.

Other crafty ideas include:

  • Making other funky Christmas ornaments using different cell phone parts.
  • Collage photo frame using the various cell pieces
  • Take apart the cell phone and use the parts as mosaic tiles for a funky art project.

Will add a few more ideas as I get them from various sources or feel free to comment with your ideas.

Here is something I found strangely amusing but twisted cool.

Portable Rotary Cell Phone - from Make: Technology on your time.

The Portable Rotary Phone is a GSM cell phone built inside an old rotary phone. With a little tinkering...

  • Take the old phone apart
  • Add a little of this and a little of that
  • You pop your SIM card in, it dials out, rings and acts just like an old fashion phone, but it's now my full time cell phone.

If you don't want to take the time and frustration of figuring out how to do it on your own, you can buy one at Spark Fun for $400 + tax and shipping.

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