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In todayís high tech and demanding marketplace, working in animation seldom means spending countless hours drawing images. The new wave of animation careers range from hand drawing art to advanced three dimensional modeling and it covers multiple industries. One industry animation is making a huge impact is in the marketing industry.

Today's professional marketers are developing business strategies in a rapidly changing media environment. To keep up with the media revolution, businesses are hiring marketing professionals that combine marketing strategies, media, and animation.

Marketers use animation marketing to detail the functional operation of a product and or services. Characters bring to life product or services of the particular company and give a personality to the company. Animation can be used in other aspects as well. For instance, you can build an animated interactive catalog allowing customers to identify and purchase products without the need for technical assistance. Animation adds a new dimension products, making them stand out from others.

Further, e-commerce is opening the door for nearly endless marketing opportunities. The use of 3D animation for web and other media marketing through things such as shockwave and flash has exploded over the last decade. Using these media outlets allows even the novice computer user to create online web sites and animated sequences through hands-on experience. Taking an animation class also helps quicken and refine animation skills. Animation school and using that as a springboard to get an internship is a great way to get into large animation companies.

Anne Globe, the head of marketing at the Dreamworks Animation studio, has a laundry list of responsibilities, leading a huge department at a huge studio. The three main categories are:

  • Maintaining and developing the promotional partnerships of the animation studio.
  • Working with public relations firms to market the studio's upcoming animation features.
  • Developing merchandising campaigns promoting each animation feature the studio produces.

If you love animation and your good at creating excitement Animation Marketing may be perfect for you.

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  1. rakesh

    i want to do animation,is it having a good career
    in future .....reply me on above.

  2. The animation industry is still growing and itís developing into new areas such as online advertising and marketing. The gamin industry remains number one for employing animators but as technology advances animators will find career opportunities in new industries that are looking for a way to grab consumerís attention.

    An animator position is not the only job available in the animation field. Animators are supported by many other artists such as storyboard artists, graphic designers, layout artists and even as an animator's assistant. If you want to read more about an animator career check out the Computer Animator profile.

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