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A Career Where You Never Grow Old & You Never Grow Up

A Career Where You Never Grow Old & You Never Grow Up

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We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing - George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw was an innovative thinker. Some may say that spending all day playing with toys isn't a wise career move. However, if you’re creating the toys than you're an Industrial Designer.

Hot Wheels project designers are devoted to the miniature toy cars, games and play sets. At any given time, a designer is working on three to six different projects in various stages of development. Industrial Designer's work exists in a variety of stages. Everything from drawings and designs of products and toys to more administrative tasks such as emails and production meetings. Of course the best part is testing the toys.

Being an Industrial Designer takes planning. Most Industrial Designers attend an art college with a degree in product design and sometimes continue their education with a master's degree in industrial design. However, there is a wide variety of careers available to Industrial Designers where you can work successfully with an art degree.

Industrial designers also design packaging, store displays, or trade show signs and booths. Their industrial design knowledge may be applied to administrative details, such as developing guidelines or standards for using the product they've created.

Sample Career Titles

  1. Product Designer
  2. Technical Illustrator
  3. Development Engineer
  4. Production / Project Manager
  5. Exhibit Designer
  6. Interior Designer
  7. Product Researcher
  8. Consumer Researcher
  9. Project Designer
  10. Estimator Lights Designers

Salary: Commercial and industrial designers earn an average salary of about $57,000, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Industrial design is the profession that determines the form of a manufactured product, shaping it to fit the people who use it. They look for innovative and better ways to do things.They approach new ideas and problems by asking, "How do people want to travel?" rather than, "Let's build another car."


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