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The hospitality industry is defined by the activity provided by the lodging, restaurant and recreational services, which include but are not limited to hotels, motels, clubs, casinos, restaurants, recreation facilities, tourism, cruise lines, and theme parks. Hospitality is the US’s third largest industry employing over nine million people nationally and has a rich history.

In 1794 the first City Hotel opened in New York City. It is said that it was the first building in America specifically built for the purpose of being a hotel. With 73 rooms it was considered a very large property. The industry truly began to take form in the early 1950s and 60s, leading the way for growth into the dynamic industry we know today.

Wages for today’s hospitality industry are very competitive compared to a few years back. Careers are now very selective, artistic and in need of professionals. What will you choose? Perhaps you might consider a career as a Chef or a Resort Health Consultant… Than again, every department needs a manager and the staff to be managed.

Career options in the hospitality industry have continued to grow, expand and develop new career opportunities as technology and art go beyond what was once never thought of. What career options are offered in the hospitality industry that is both classic and new?

The following are specific career opportunities you can obtain in the hospitality industry:


Hotel Manager Sales Manager Travel Journalist Front Office Manager Reservation Manager


Restaurant Manager Kitchen Manager Banquet Manager Chef Bar/Club Manager


Campground Manager Tour Escort/Operator Meeting/Conference Planner Travel Consultant Recreation Specialist


  • Likes People
  • Is a Hard Worker
  • Has strong communication skills
  • Willing to sacrifice weekends
  • Maintains a professional appearance
  • Has “Common Sense” and can easily answer questions from guests.

Although these qualities may seem simple but they are in constant use in a very demanding industry. Regardless of your career position you will be required to exceed guest/customer expectations to ensure the experience they have is memorable.

According to Hotel Interactive

Leaders in the hotel industry throughout the world are finding it hard to attract and keep great employees.

According to Gerald Lawless, Executive Chairman with Jumeirah Group, nearly 100 people started with the company in just one week and most are not from Dubai.

We have more than 60 percent of our employees come from outside our region. And we also need to develop people that can work in any part of the world from the United States to China to India and Africa,” said Lawlesss. “Quality consistency is one of the largest challenges we have.”

The industry is becoming increasingly complex with a greater emphasis being placed on specialized training. Demand is increasing for people with these educated skills obtained in colleges, technical institutes, online schools, and even high school preparation. A bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management provides the strongest background for a career in hospitality.



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