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Ambition requires that you try again and again and again... Ambition is a significant element of competition, which is something everyone participates in. Whether it is with your significant other in who gets the last bite of cake or with one of your friends in a game of ping pong. Competition is something everyone has been exposed to.

Business is also about competition and is too often the focus of arguments. Co-workers are constantly competing to have they're idea be used as the best possible idea for projects or promotion. Knowing that if they're idea is picked it will gain the attention of the boss which in turn may heighten the possibility of company success. This strategy can reward a person's ambition. Then again, this strategy can also often backfire causing more damage to a person's future potential of being recognized.

Part of the "I Win" mindset seeks shared benefits and is designed to be collaborative. The foundation of which is to listen to what the other people say and want and be honest about what you want and agree on a acceptable compromise.

In addition, the "I Win" foundation is also about learning from your mistakes and learning from projects that are less than successful. Notice that the words used are less than successful - not failure.

A less than successful experience will teach you what you didn't know. Sometimes, what we learn in school, college or seminars doesn't work in the "real world". Sometimes what works for one friend and or colleague won't work for someone else. It doesn't mean the process or project was a failure, it means it wasn't a complete success. As long as you come away from it with a new experience and lesson it is a "I Win" conclusion

"I Win" is

  • Learning to negotiate
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Learning new experiences
  • Learning what doesn't work and move towards what does work.

Unsuccessful people hide the emotional pain of self-blame and fail to get the valuable lesson of their mistakes. Successful people learn to take full responsibility for their actions. They acknowledge the mistake, make whatever corrections are required, and learn the lesson, than gain experience and move on to become more successful.


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