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Average Annual Salary of an Accountant: 33,542 and 55,006

Necessary Education for an Accounting Career
A Bachelors Degree in Accounting

What is an Accountant in a nutshell? Accountants follow the company expenses, and prepare analyze and verify financial documents.

Types of Accountants
Public Accountants - perform audits and prepare taxes for corporations, government agencies, nonprofits and individuals.

Management Accountants are members of the executive team who record and analyze information about budgets, costs and assets.

Government Accountants and Auditors maintain and examine government records, or they audit private businesses or individuals on the governments behalf.

Internal Auditors are fiscal police officers. They verify the accuracy of an organizations financial records and look for waste, mismanagement and fraud.

Accounting Skills & Responsibilities

  • Experience with financial transactions and preparing financial reports.
  • Attention to Detail - Approaches work in a meticulous and detailed manner while still being able to meet deadlines and manage multiple priorities.
  • SFAS Rules - Knowledge of applicable Financial Accounting and Standards Board (FASB) accounting rules.
  • Confidentiality - Can be trusted to keep sensitive information secure.

Future Outlook for Accountants

CPA accountants will continue to be in high demand, especially as states increase the education and experience requirements for the certification. Having a specialty, such as information systems, government regulation or international business, will help you find a higher paying position.

What kind of jobs can Accounts do?

  • Accounting Department
  • Auditor
  • Budget analyst
  • Controller
  • Financial analyst
  • Tax examiner


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