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Bad Business -- Changing Your Truth

Bad Business -- Changing Your Truth

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"I'm in a slump, do I belong here?" That's one of the most common things employees say to themselves. From time to time, everyone feels stuck. You may not realize that your professional life is having a negative influence on your personal life. Perhaps, your manager just isn't very motivating. Or maybe you've turned your backs on too many customers that you knew deserved better. Almost everyone has said at one point or anther "If this was my business..."

The feeling of being stuck is familiar to most people, especially when our lives seem to be in motion, but doesn't move us forward. As if the wheels of our cars just continue to spin on an icy road, we need to take care in how we get ourselves out of the dangerous situation.

Here are five of the most common Bad Business type actions that hold us back from our professional goals and a happy life.

Believing What You Think, Not What You Know

Studies say that the average brain has more than 50,000 thoughts a day and that most people believe about 99 percent of what we think. Some of our thoughts are the product of our mind manufacturing observations about the world we live in. Other thoughts are stalks that started in our upbringing and grew throughout the culture in which we live.

Our thoughts are what help us make sense of a world that often doesn't make sense. It's only logical that we hold our thoughts to be the Truth and those truths often become our beliefs. We sometimes cling to beliefs whether they make sense of not. Have you ever told someone that you are not good at sports? By saying it, you have made it your belief and so doing, in your mind it is Truth. What beliefs have you anchorage that may be keeping you in a consistent spinning effect?

Ask yourself: What do you think you could never do? For me, it was surfing. I've never done anything in the ocean other than swim a little at the beach. One day, I took surfing lessons and conquered the belief that I couldn't do any more.

What things do you believe as Truth and what things are actual true? Unless you sprout wings you can't fly, but you can fly with a hang guilder or as a pilot in an airplane.

Change your truth and you'll change your world.

Blaming Others for the Circumstances of Our Life

  • "The manager is so cheap, I'm never going to have a good life with the money I'm making."
  • "It's not my fault, I just work here."  
This is an actual quote I received from a Shift Manager at a local grocery store last night.

Life will always throw you a curveball. If it didn't, life would be boring and I would be out of a job. The best way to hit a home run is to figure out what the best way to deal with them is. Sometimes the best strategy in winning a game is to make it to first base and wait for the next hit. Some people decide to sidestep the curveballs and choose to wait for a pitch they like better. This isn't reality based view of the world and how it works. It's also not how baseball games are won. You need to see the truth in your life and waiting in the player's dug out won't get you a home run. If you're not good at something, practice, learn how to use your skills or learn new ones.

Determination and lots of practice is what wins the game.

Taking Life Too Seriously & Not Having Any Fun

More than eight years of education teaches us that the key to success is hard work and in today's business world we may as well add, long days and a two hour commute. Just as T comes after S, so should our play time. Follow the old adage: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull person." And we all know what happened to Jack in The Shining...

In order to stay healthy, we need to have fun, laugh a little and remember that life isn't or shouldn't be all about serious matters. A once a year, one week vacation isn't enough for most of us. We need time to charge our batteries and learn new things that may have absolutely nothing to do with business. At these non business events could be the occurrence when we meet that hugely successful professional contact.

Life a beach; either you can sit back and watch everyone else or you can jump in and have some fun...Maybe meet the person who will introduce you to your dream job.

Living Life In Average

I don't know what's worse, being recognized as the bad employee or being known as Average. Average employees stay mediocre, nothing too special. They're like a favorite chair. Not too bad looking but doesn't stand out, it's functional.

One of the most common ways people get stuck is by living their lives as average. They don't stand out, they don't do anything extra and they don't take chances. Rather than taking chances, they prefer to stay in they're comfort zone: by doing things the same way and avoiding change. Unfortunately, as boring as this may sound, it is the way the majority of people live. We don't always recognize it, but the average employees are an extremely crowded assemblage and it's easy to fall into believe that this is all there is.

Get out of that dull room and take some small steps towards the edge. As you start taking steps towards the edge, you'll start new things, see new perspectives and you will begin to recognize the possibilities and opportunities. Once you figure out that Average isn't for you, you'll find that life is much happier and more fulfilling.

You may even have time to pay some baseball and hit a home run.

Fear of the Unknown

Definitions of Fear: Fear is an unpleasant feeling of perceived risk or danger, real or not.

Fear is a powerful emotion. Fear will protect you and sway your decision to walk away from something that could have turned into a deadly incident. Fear is what makes millions of dollars for movie makers. However, fear can also keep us from doing new and wonderful things. Nevertheless, sometimes getting our life on the road that we want takes a leap of faith and we must see that Fear is nothing more than a superficial illusion.

Have you always dreamed about becoming a teacher, or a chef in a four star restaurant? To give those dreams any chance of materializing, you must conquer your fear and genuinely know that you are the only one holding yourself back and your dreams. Do you want to own business, become an artist, or simply get your high school diploma»»? You can do it. You will be successful just by putting forth the effort. If you stop at the door, without ever opening it because of thoughts of failure... you will always be that Average employee.

Don't be left with the question "What if I had tried?"


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