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A grade of "C" represents the minimal acceptable standards and is considered to be below average. Having a C means that you are being responsibility for approximately only 60 to 70 percent of what you do.

If you were an owner of a business would you expect your employees to know only 50%, or 100% of their job skills / job description?

When is an employee's performance of sub-standard acceptable? Should an employee expect a raise if they are only doing 70 percent of they're job?

Common sense dictates that every employee should know at least 75 percent of they're job and what is expected from them. Common sense would say that before an employee receives a promotion, they should know 100 percent of they're job and responsibilities.

However, based on a US national research report on education in America, a scale much like this is being used in classrooms across the country. Children and than teenagers are receiving twelve years of sub standard conditioning where doing less than your personal best is not only acceptable but being rewarded with a promotion to the next grade.

Worse --the low expectations within the classroom have migrated into college and than eventually into the business world. The high standards of 40 years ago where anything less than 75 percent was considered a failure are now expected and tolerated.

In order to reach the success that we have come to recognize as superior and rare, we must accept that Cs are not acceptable. The failure of Cs must be left behind in order for us to take steps into our own greater success.

Cs Are Not Acceptable

Comparing - Don't compare your success to someone else. Your goals and your path are different. No two paths will ever be the same and trying to compare the two will only end up frustrating you and driving you towards failure.

Complaining - Create solutions don't constantly complain about them. There is a difference between getting stress out of your system (complaining) and dwelling in the complaints and never doing anything to solve them.

Criticism - Constructive criticism works, personal attacks will cause you to lose a lot more than an office ally

Cynicism - Cynicism is distrust of the intentions of others, a belief that others are not representing their true purpose. However, in order to establish trust you must always be open to being trusted. Don't automatically assume the negative of every situation and person. Keep an open mind and ask questions if something or someone isn't clear.

Removing old habits and patterns and putting in new ones can be hard to do. However, keep in mind that the good habits do pay off. If you hate your career or job, put your creative juices to better use and figure out what you'd rather be doing and put together a plan for getting there.


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