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Bryman College
Providing employers with top notch career professionals.

Mrs. Esther Bryman had a vision to create a school facility that would be designed for training students in healthcare and business fields. She wanted her students to have an advantage that would assist students to reach their dreams for a fulfilling and rewarding career in their professional field. What started as the Los Angeles Colleges of Medical and Dental Assistants has become one of the most established post secondary career colleges in America.

In 1975 the Bryman Schools were acquired by National Education Corporation. However, Corinthian Schools Inc. took the reins and the name was re-establish to Bryman College offering students more than 40 years of career advantage training in the latest techniques, skills and experience.

The institute provides employers with career professionals with expertise that is directly relevant to their field. Employing the latest technology and facilities, Bryman instructs their students in specific skills and knowledge they will need to surpass less qualified individuals in a variety of career specialties.

All of the Bryman campuses are tactically located where employers can work with Bryman to ensure their career curriculum remain completely up-to-date and to provide jobs for graduates.

With campuses across the nation, Bryman College provides employers with top notch career professionals.

Programs Available

  • Automotive Maintenance
  • Business Schools
  • Computer Training And Technology Education
  • Culinary Arts Schools
  • Design School
  • Educational Degree
  • Hospitality & Retail Management
  • Information Technology Education
  • Legal Education
  • Media Education
  • Medical Education
  • Nursing Schools


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