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If you will...Some customers are reading their newspapers while others are simply drinking their gourmet coffee and the others lounging about panting and drooling and occasionally taking a sip from their bowl or a bite of their bone sandwich.

Dog cafes»» and bakeries are increasingly becoming a long awaited trend for dog owners. Similar establishments have been opening across the nation which is believed to have started in Japan. If dog owners will spend as much as $100 for a hand-woven dog collar imported from Germany with a rhinestone leash, than it's a safe bet that the same owners will also spend $3+ for a dog sandwich and a cappuccino for themselves.

Dog Cafes that are also people friendly, offer a variety of items such as gourmet coffee, green tea as well as four legged foodies.

The Dining Dog Cafe & Bakery in Edmonds, WA promotes a formal supper club atmosphere, complemented with tables and chairs closer to the floor and leash tether points sticking out of the walls. While Health regulations prevent The Dining Dog Cafe & Bakery from preparing human food in the same area as dog meals there is a restaurant upstairs that prepares take out meals. In addition, two pizza places near by deliver to the Dining Dog so that dog owners can eat, too. In Tornoto Canada, Three Dog Bakery presents gourmet dog foods such as the bone shaped biscuits, pupcakes and biscotti’s.

As pet owner trends spread like wild fire, other branches of pet luxuries are popping up to serve the devoted animal loving citizens of our human dominated world.

The hippest apparel, the most delicious treats, indulgent medical facilities and all the comforts of modern living.

Anther rapidly growing trend is to bring pets along with you while on vacation. Hotels are now offering a variety if dog / cat services such as dog & cat day care, pet bed turn down services and even pet massages.

In the past 20 years pets have gone from simple companions to members of the family.


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