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5th Anniversary The Last Call With Carson Daly

5th Anniversary The Last Call With Carson Daly

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I've been casually listening to Ben Harper's music for the last couple of years and I find his straight to the point folk-blues rock a fireball of emotions and energy. Both sides of the Gun wakes up the listener with wide-ranging musical styles. His heart and soul cries out to be heard while his voice and talent for musical story telling flows like a singular lighthouse beacon among today's mostly undistinguished musicians. He is a musician, an artist, and a nonconformist maverick.

A California native, Ben Harper grew up listening to blues, folk, soul, R&B, and reggae with his father. After learning how to play guitar, he curved his musical interests to the acoustic slide guitar during his adolescence, his signature instrument.

After steady Los Angeles performances, Harper signed a deal with Virgin Records in 1992, releasing his debut album, Welcome to the Cruel World, two years later. His 1995 Fight for Your Mind was a politically charged musical experimentation and individual assertion. Aside from working on his own material, Harper has built strong relationships with other musicians, playing guest spots on numerous prominent records.

The CD There Will Be a Light, was released in September of 2004. A CD/DVD set Live at the Apollo followed in fall 2005 and a double album Both Sides of the Gun was introduced in March 2006.

Recently Announced

Heath Ledger and Ben Harper have launched a new record label called Masses Music Co. The first signed performer Grace Woodroofe has already recorded a video of David Bowie's Quicksand with Ben Harper.

I remember listening to his third CD Fight For Your Mind and was excited to hear Ben play live for the first time. Ben's smooth vocals contains some skillfully striking moments and brought to life the CD sounds that now sound like what they are, just a CD copy compared to seeing him perform live. While waiting for the next Ben Harper concert, his CD will suffice, but seeing his in concert is the definition to Larger Than Life.

Everything he does is 100 percent Ben Harper committed to music and The Last Call with Carson Daly proved why he is one (if not the best) of today's musicians. Whether it's through the soul, grooving with 70s funk or energized with electric blues, Harper maintains a stance for a beauty that is both simple and complex.


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