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Automotive Service Technician

Average Annual Salary of an Automotive Service Technician:

Research shows that an entry level Automotive Service Technician with certification can start at $24.00 per hour with bonuses. Salary may range from $3,000. and up a month.

Necessary Education for an Automotive Service Technician Career:

A Degree in Automotive Services»»

What is a Automotive Service Technician in a nutshell?

Automotive Service Technicians perform preventative maintenance, as well as diagnose and repair the faulty operation of cars and trucks depending on the position an Automotive Service Technician has.

Automotive Service Technician Skills & Responsibilities:

The most well know Automotive Service Technician are those who adjust, test and repair engines and car systems such as brakes, suspensions, electrical and air-conditioning systems.

High Performance Engines Technicians work with fabrication of street rod chassis, race car chassis and modifying stock frames and suspensions. High Performance Engines Technicians also do metal fabrication and engine building.

Importance for this career

  • Basic Electricity
  • Basic Engine/Motor Maintenance
  • Basic Equipment / Tool Use
  • Basic Vehicle Maintenance
  • Control Circuit Wiring
  • Dealing with Customer Complaints
  • Engine Electrical and Ignition Systems Diagnostic Repair
  • Fluid Power Systems Diagnosing / Repair
  • Measurement (Mechanical)
  • Voltmeter Operation
  • Customer Service Fundamentals
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Time & Priority Management
  • Workplace Math

Future Outlook for Automotive Service Technician:

Due to the increase in metropolitan commuting, the number of households with multiple vehicles, has doubled which creates a need for automotive technician skills to work with the complexity of automobile technology. As car system technology changes to include more and more computer software, technicians with these skills will be in demand.

What kind of jobs can Automotive Service Technicians do?

Automotive Service Technician are people who work on a variety of street cars sold from dealerships to the basic consumer.

Aerodynamicists are engineers who are responsible for optimizing the aerodynamic system.

Composite Technician produce specialist body parts

Design Engineers is a senior design engineer who is responsible for the complete vehicle design, and is supported by detail design engineers who design the individual components.

Engine Builders are the builders who are responsible for final assembly of the engine using specially designed parts.

Race Engineers are responsible for the way the car responds on the track and oversees all aspects of the car from assembly to vehicle dynamics.

Welder / Fabricators are those who work with the blueprints and manufacture parts for specialty cars.


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