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Because Artist is an umbrella category for various careers that are artist related. This profile is more broad-spectrum than detailed.

Necessary Education for an Artist Career:

Postsecondary training is recommended for all artist specialties. Although formal training is not strictly required, it is very difficult to become skilled enough to make a living without some training. Many colleges and universities offer programs leading to the bachelor's or master's degree in fine arts. Courses usually include core subjects such as English, social science, and natural science, in addition to art history and studio art.

Types of Artist jobs:

Art Therapist - Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses art-making to increase emotional well-being. According to the American Art Therapy Association»», art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process involved in making art is on a basic level healing and life-enhancing.

Animator - Animator who creates models of or draws characters and objects in a sequence of different positions to give the illusion of movement. They synchronise lip movements with words, and actions with music and sound effects.

Cake Decorators - Cake decorators decorate cakes and pastries of all shapes and sizes with colored icings or pastry cream.

Fashion Designer - Fashion designers develop new styles and products for clothing, apparel and accessories by creating original designs, or by adapting fashions to suit local conditions and trends, and cutting and machining sample garments based on these designs.

Exhibit Designers - Set & Exhibit designers captivate us by creating the backdrop to everything from sci-fi action adventures to Shakespearean dramas, and everything in-between.

Metal and Jewelry Worker - Craftspersons design, make and repair objects which have both functional and artistic qualities, working in wood, metal, glass, leather, ceramics, textiles and other materials.

Future Outlook for Artists:

Employment of artists and related workers is expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations through the year 2014. However, the competition for jobs is expected to be keen for both salaried and freelance jobs in all specialties, because the number of qualified workers exceeds the number of available openings. Also, because the arts attract many talented people with creative ability, the number of aspiring artists continues to grow. Employers in all industries should be able to choose from among the most qualified candidates. – Occupational Outlook Handbook Artists & Related Workers


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