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Apple Punch

CEO Steve Jobs unveils along awaited iPhone & Apple TV

San Francisco, CA

Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivered the keynote address at Mac World Conference and Expo in San Francisco and unveiled a potentially tech industry changing products that could push Apple ahead of the tech product war games.


"Apple is going to reinvent the phone," Mr. Jobs told attendees.

The star of the show is a portable media player that functions as a phone and mobile computer. With the introduction of the iPhone, Apple may achieve the digital union consumers and electronics companies have been chasing after with functions of multiple devices that unite into one.

Unlike previous and even current devices that marry mobile phones with portable media players, the iPhone incorporates features such as a touch sensitive screen that eliminates the need for a keyboard. The phone will also be able to connect to the company's iTunes download store.

The iPhone, is more a computer and will run Apple's OS X operating system, running full desktop applications such as the Safari web browser. The phone will be one of the slimmest phone on the market with measurements of 11.6mm. The widescreen iPod and Wi-fi Internet access device will have a 3.5 inch diagonal screen, as well as a 2 megapixel camera built into the back with the traditional slot for headphones and a SIM card with Google Maps.

As if that's not enough to make cell phone junkies drool...
Yahoo will provide free email service to all iPhone users and the phone will work with most e-mail providers.

An 8-gigabyte model will start selling in June for $599 with a 4-gigabyte version that will sell for $499. The exclusive iPhone service provider will be Cingular.

The product introductions will very likely propel Apple ahead of they're wireless industry competitors and grant further access to the mammoth cell phone market. With nearly a billion handsets shipped every year, the approximately 70 million iPods Apple has sold over the past five years could quickly catch up and bypass that number.

In addition, Steve Jobs threw anther crucial punch by announcing that Apple would begin selling a $299 device that wirelessly links PCs to televisions and outlined its plans to enter the interactive television business with a product named "Apple TV." The deal reportedly won't include new releases, but will encompass "older" titles, like "Mission: Impossible." Apple TV will allows users to play television shows and movies downloaded from the Internet on their TV sets. The device, which contains a 40 gigabyte hard drive that stores up to 50 hours of video. Apple TV will cost $299 and begin shipping in February. However, the Apple TV looks sleek and cool but in order to watch the Sci Fi Channel and a few cool tv shows, I would still need to pay the monthly cable bill of $60+ a month and I don't need TV that badly. As soon as I am no longer required to have 400 hundred useless channels just to watch less than a handful, I'll be in line to buy, but not until than.

System Requirements

  • Widescreen (16:9) enhanced definition or high definition television with an HDMI, DVI, or component video input
  • Wired or wireless network
  • iTunes 7 or later
  • Broadband Internet connection (fees may apply)
  • Macintosh computer with Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later; or PC with Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2).

Apple has a lot riding on the new products; while they sound fabulous, the quality and easy functionality will remain the key factor. The iPhone is not Apple's first. Cingular Wireless launched the first Apple phone, called ROKR, in September 2005. Designed and produced by Motorola Inc., the phone wasn't very popular because it could store only 100 songs and lacked the smooth design and ease of use that many iPod users want.

People in the financial community have expressed views that Apple needs to enter potentially bigger categories such as cell phones and television to keep up the momentum started by the iPod. It appears that Apple's Steve Jobs is listening. With new products will come a new name. Jobs announced that the Cupertino, Calif. based Apple Computer Inc. will change its name to Apple Inc., "to better reflect the company's place in music and communications," he said.

Prior to the Apple Computer product introductions, Barry Ritholtz, head of Ritholtz Capital Partners in New York. "It's certainly helping the tech sector." The technology industry was in the US stock spotlight before the start of quarterly earnings reports and new product announcements. Once the new product announments were made, Apple experienced a spectacular reversal of negative stock prices. Within 30 minutes Apple Computer stocks rose and continues to climb which at the time of this article are now just above $93.00 a share; significantly higher than 5 days prior to the announcements. Apple Computer Inc AAPL.O (NASDAQ)

"It's very fortunate if you can work on just one of these in your career. ... Apple's been very fortunate in that it's introduced a few of these." Chief executive Steve Jobs

APPLE has announced it will change its name and introduced products that could put them at the top of the technology advanced food chain. New ventures, new products, new jobs, they're a company to watch for those who want careers in the Tech industry.

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