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Animal Ambulance Emergency Medical Services

Animal Ambulance Emergency Medical Services

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Veterinary Assistants are furry friends»»


Animal Ambulance / Emergency Medical Services For Your Pet

* Dog Massage Masseuse
* Veterinary Physical Therapist
* Hotel Cat Spas
* Dog Cafes that have Humans Friendly policies

Does it come as any surprise that there are now pet ambulance services? You can't possibly be surprised. The list of businesses catering to pets and their owners is growing as fast as the pet population. There are pet-friendly cafes, designer pet clothing stores, pet spas and now pet emergency ambulance services. Animal Ambulance services provide a valuable service to pet owners. Pet owners continually show that they're pets are indeed part of they're family and just as important as any other member. With my new discovery, I started researching the subject to find out just how popular is this niche marketing?

Animal Ambulance of Southern California is an amazing service. On they're website they state that they're "ambulances have been retrofitted with specialized equipment to deal with animal emergencies."

Most if not all animal ambulances are available 24 hours a day 7 days week just as any ambulance would be for us humans. The medical vans are equipped with oxygen tanks as well as other medical devices used to resuscitate and perform emergency medical treatment. In addition, some services are more than just Emergency Services. You can now find Pet Taxis services that will pick up your companion for they're doctor and beauty appointments. The most common services provide:

  • Critical Care transport services
  • Emergency transport Services
  • Deceased Pet body removal services
  • Airport Transports
  • Critical Care flight transports
  • Motion picture event stand by services
  • Home pet care for sick pets while your at work

Maybe if this service had entered the market sooner, a lot of pets lives could have been saved. I cried my eyes out when I couldn't get my Water Dragon to a vet quick enough because I was using public transportation; he died on the way.

There are so many people who own large dogs that weigh 70 pounds and more. If your 130 pound dog suddenly collapsed, could you pick him /her up and transfer them to your car and than into the veterinary hospital? I don't think I could lift my 105 pound German Shepard, so if this ever happens, I know who I'm calling!

The pet industry continues to grow in new and creative ways, be part of it.»»


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