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American Sentinel University was founded in 2000 as a Vanderbilt University Technology Company by nationally recognized academic and business leaders. Who are passionate bout enabling the students to achieve their educational and professional goals. The programs have been designed so that students can maximize their educational investments.

Students learn from real life experienced practiced faculty members who often combine teaching with successful industry experience. This gives the students the opportunity to understand not only the theory, but its real-world application.

American Sentinel University supports the students in developing a lifelong connection with life long learning through webcasts. Their mission is to provide world-class education for the students and organizations, at their point of need. American Sentinel University Student Services supports students throughout their academic journey, facilitating communication with faculty and helping them problem solve when an issue arises.

At American Sentinel University, assignments only require software such as Microsoft Word. or Microsoft Excel. There is no difficult software to install. All of the assignments are always accompanied with instructions as well as detailed explanations of how your professor wants you to submit your assignment. Tests, quizzes and grades are always available online and at your convenience. American Sentinel University's educational approach is backed by top leaders in higher education in North America.

If you are one of the working professionals, juggling your career, family and social life wishing that you could find a way to step forward in your professional life, than American Sentinel University is for you. You don't have to spend an extra 20 minutes in traffic just to arrive tired for your career enhancing class. Go home, put on your comfortable clothes and take advantage of the high quality learning in an online environment, allowing you to choose when, where and how you learn.

Let American Sentinel University help you and fulfill your professional goals.

American Sentinel University interesting facts

September 20, 2006 - Pop Star Jennifer Paige Produces and Sings New Alma Mater Anthem for American Sentinel University.
American Sentinel University, an accredited online university, recently launched an alma mater anthem co-written and sung by internationally known pop singer Jennifer Paige. While most institutions rely on their in-house choirs to produce and sing their alma maters, American Sentinel, a leader in innovation, once again breaks the mold by having singer-songwriter Jennifer Paige involved in producing their alma mater.

August 1, 2006 - American Sentinel University is lowering its tuition costs across all degree programs.
Mary Adams, President of American Sentinel University, said the new tuition level reflected the school's goal of passing cost savings on to its students. "We are making huge strides in streamlining our academic schedule and improving teaching methods." - "At American Sentinel University, our primary goal is to educate students for today's highly competitive workplace. As a part of that, it is important that we practice what we teach."

American Sentinel University currently offers a comprehensive portfolio of affordable online degrees and certification programs, including:

  • Computer science and information systems degrees at the graduate and undergraduate levels;
  • Executive MBA, accelerated MBA, and bachelor's in business degrees;
  • Master's of Science in Nursing degree;
  • Professional certifications; including the popular Project Management Institute, Microsoft, and Cisco certifications, and executive education programs from partners like eCornell, Vanderbilt University, the University of Newcastle, and the University of Leicester.


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