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American College of Medical Technology

American College of Medical Technology

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American College of Medical Technology (ACMT) is NOT recommended to students seeking valuable, transferable medical degrees.

American College of Medical Technology review

American College of Medical Technology is a for-profit, non-degree-granting vocational trade school offering training for entry-level health care occupations. It is located in Gardena, CA. Based on our research, Career-Opportunities does not recommend American College of Medical Technology for students seeking strong, transferable health care degrees. Our review was based on available information that is researchable online by prospective students.

Though the ACMT Web site indicates students are its highest priority, student reviews of the school on portray the institution as unreliable and disappointing at best, fraudulent and money-hungry at worst.

Common themes in reviews of ACMT include difficulty in finding work with an education employers will not accept, finding out about the school's non-accreditation only after finishing the program, and a lack of assistance by the school's career placement center. The overwhelming consensus of these reviews is that American College of Medical Technology is deceptive and fraudulent.

American College of Medical Technology Programs

ACMT's programs focus mainly on entry-level and management positions in health care. They are:

Though the themes are relevant to today's health care market, the legitimacy of the training itself has been called into question.

Of particular concern is ACMT's MRI program, which was cited by US House Representative Maxine Waters during a 2005 hearing on Federal anti-fraud laws. Waters called American College of Medical Technology a "problem school," saying its practices of misrepresenting its program to students was the cause of at least two separate lawsuits against the school. Students claimed the school grossly exaggerated the acceptability of the certification they received from the program. Waters said the program "does not meet the minimum completion / placement rules under California law."

American College of Medical Technology accreditation

According to Wikipedia, American College of Medical Technology was accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) until being placed on probation in March 2006, then having its accreditation revoked in 2007.

Health care training recommendations

For students seeking a reliable health care education in the Los Angeles area, we recommend accredited, quality schools such as American Intercontinental University or Everest University rather than American College of Medical Technology.

More information on ACMT can be found below.


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