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Aaron Proctor Gothic Mayor Candidate

Aaron Proctor Gothic Mayor Candidate

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Aaron Proctor: In response to Pasadena Star-News endorsing Bill Bogaard

To whom it may concern:

Let me first start out by saying the Pasadena Star-News is one of the most respectable and journalistically accurate newspapers I've ever had the pleasure of reading on a near-daily basis. I also undoubtedly have respect for the staff of this newspaper and its eccentric editor, Larry Wilson.

With that said, as a candidate for Mayor in the Crown City, I must point out some issues I have with your endorsement of Mr. Bogaard. I normally think endorsements are "for the birds" - because it should be up to the people who decide, not some newspaper or political action group.

To quote the endorsement: "Does any city in the nation have a more well-respected, energetic, indispensable Mayor than Pasadena's Bill Bogaard? Not one we've heard of."

Funny. First of all, if Mr. Bogaard is so popular, why didn't the 65,000 registered voters in Pasadena turn out in droves to re-elect him in 2003? Doesn't anyone see he only received 9800 votes - a small fraction of votes for even people that only vote in Presidential elections? If Mr. Bogaard is so well-respected, why is it that on the campaign trail, the only positive responses I've heard about him are from people who work with him or from people who are embedded in Pasadena politics? Most others either a) don't know who he is or b) take me a side and whisper in my ear that it's time for him to go.

I'm not doubting or denying that Mayor Bogaard is a very nice and affable person and he's become the figurehead of Pasadena since 1999. Nor am I accusing him of any wrong-doing or making any personal attacks against the man. I find it hilarious that he's quoted as saying he's "having fun" when I've been challenging him to a fun, one-on-one debate since I announced my candidacy in late October and he's refused to accept that challenge.

Let's face the facts here: The people who are going to vote for Bogaard to return to a third-term are the same people who are keeping Pasadena's politics exclusive. Yeah, people complain in this city that "nobody votes" and about low voter turnout but, as I've learned during my campaign, most people like the Bogaards, the Steve Madisons, and the Margaret Mc Austins of the world - wouldn't have it any other way. If every single registered voter in Pasadena were voting in this upcoming election, I'd win by a landslide. I'm a part of the fabric of this city, I'm not a politician, nor am I looking to make bedfellows with anyone on this current or the future City Council. I'm looking out for the REAL Pasadena not the POLITICAL Pasadena.

I'm very happy to hear that you're glad I'm on the ballot but your endorsement of Bogaard makes this sound like some Student Body race at Podunk Senior High School. It's nice you mentioned I'm concerned about overnight street parking and Pasadena turning into "condoland" (which I am) but what about my hard stance on getting rid of in-lieu fees developers have to pay? What about my constant accusations on my website at about the City's lack to do anything for the Northwest being a result of veiled, new-age racism? What about the fact that while Bogaard isn't afraid to "tap people on the shoulder and say 'Hey Pasadena needs your help', I'm not afraid to call politicians on their b.s. and I'm not afraid to call out politicians when they're obviously not trying to help Pasadena but help themselves (read: and small amount of people who voted for them).

It's not that he's so properly popular that no player on the political scene even considered running against him - it's that people are afraid to lose favor with the Mayor by even disagreeing with him. Enter: Aaron Proctor. A true political outsider who isn't in this race for personal gain. I'm even willing to quit my current job - which pays twice what the Mayor of this City makes - to devote to being a full-time Mayor and a full-time fighter for the real people in this City. It's not the people's fault that nobody knows who Bill Bogaard is, it's Bill Bogaard's fault for keeping it that way.

It's easy to dismiss my campaign as a joke and it's even easier to dismiss me for being young or whatever else you want to point out about me. The fact of the matter is: I truly care about Pasadena and I truly love this City and I truly stand by my convictions on things that need to be changed. Electing Bogaard for a third term would be a mistake and send Pasadena back another 20 years. It's time for the arrogance of this City's politicians to be quelled, it's time to bring politics back to the people, and it's time to have actual representative government for a change. I'm fighting City Hall because I'm not afraid of losing favor with people who make over six figures a year. I'm fighting City Hall because I want the fabric of this City - again - the real people, who probably won't even vote in this Election thanks to the exclusivity of Pasadena's politics, to thrive in all of the things that they should be thriving in.

I'm concerned less about fringe issues than I am concerned about the welfare of ALL Pasadena residents who aren't lucky enough to live in the Historic Highlands, own a zillion dollar condominium downtown, or be related to the Huntington family. People in Pasadena aren't getting a fair shake - that's why I'm running - and even if I lose this election, you can't deny there will be an even bigger divide between "Political" Pasadena and REAL Pasadena.

I will close with a compliment to this newspaper: At least you acknowledge the existence of my campaign. That's one thing you guys have an advantage of over Bill Bogaard.


Aaron Proctor

The People's Mayor 


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