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Goth Mayor Candidate Aaron Protor  - The Concession Speech

Goth Mayor Candidate Aaron Protor - The Concession Speech

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We did it team! Well, sort of. 1338 votes. That's a number I can definitely work with.

Well, Election Day has come and gone here in the Crown City. I was defeated by Bill Bogaard in a political rout - as he easily won a third term with 10,700 votes (89%) and I gained 1,338 votes for 11% of the vote.

Although there will be a few doubters and people poking fun at my loss - I hardly call it a failure.

Before I get into all of that, there are tons of people I'd like to thank for their help and support on this campaign for change in Pasadena.

First of all, without a doubt, I'd obviously like to thank my darling Kelli. Without her constant support when things were looking sour, without her prowess for keeping track of all of my appointments, and without her having a loving ear to listen or a lovely sounding board to bounce ideas off of - I would have not even have had half the success I did in this election. She's a wonderful human being who deserves a lot of credit for keeping the loose cannon/maverick side of me in check 99% of the time. Kelli is one of the few people who is there when "the eyeliner comes off" and accepts me for all of my quirks and faults.

I'd also like to thank my mother and father, Beatrice & James Proctor. Although they are living in St. Louis, Missouri, they've been very supportive from afar and even got the rest of the family interested in what's going on with the campaign. They were the people who got me interested in politics at a very young age (Dukakis '88!!!!) and they were the people who made an impact on my political views - letting me know how important it is to vote and be involved in politics at a local level.

Next on the list - Michael Boldin. He's the mad scientist, the evil genius, the technical deity of this website. He's inspired me to stand up for what I believe in and speak out against the status quo - mainly most politicians in the US. Michael has put some long hours into maintaining this site, helping me with strategy, and being a good friend along the way. He's also encouraged me to keep alive»» alive - even after the election.

There are tons of other people who also deserve a lot of thanks and I just don't have the time to go through them all. Jason & Ku'uipo Siler - for believing in me and letting me use their house as my campaign headquarters...Danielle Shriver & Alivia Hunter for letting the entire Internet world know about my mission... Thanks Continued»»

Now - on to my political future in Pasadena. Well, as aforementioned, proctorformayor is going to stay alive and keep the same URL. This is not the last Pasadena has ever seen of me and I promise to be keeping Mr. Bogaard in check for the next 3 years. Wherever he goes politically, I'll be two steps behind him and - hopefully - he keeps his promises about making Pasadena better and doesn't mess it up for another 4 years.

With that said, I will be appearing on TV again later this month with Andre Coleman and one of the things I want to discuss is the different things I'm going to fight for. You see, I'm going to work on getting a cable access show here on KPAS 55 and I am going to use that show as a way to help fight for you. I'm still passionate about getting rid of these overnight parking permits and I'm going to begin organizing efforts to abolish these draconian fees (they've been established since 1921) from Pasadena for good. Albeit, I'm a little sad I lost this election - getting 1338 votes has only energized me to keep fighting the good fight.

Affordable housing is still another issue near and dear to my heart and I look forward to talking to those in this City who want to fight for change. I'm looking into joining some planning or development commissions or maybe some kind of political action group. Either way - I'm taking a little break for Kelli's sake and for my own health's sake - but you haven't seen the last of Aaron Proctor: I'm going to be the "maverick politician", the "anti-politician", and the guy ruffling City Council's feathers for as long as I live. Even though we may have lost this election - you can still join Team Proctor on helping the good fight against idiotic politicians who are only in this for personal and monetary gain. You can join Team Proctor and fight for true representative government and maybe - just maybe (especially now that I've learned I've got to do a TON of fundraising for the next campaign) - in 2011, Pasadena will be ready for Aaron Proctor.

So - once again - thank you all, especially those who have supported and those who have voted for change. Aaron Proctor is here to stay. City Council had better watch out because I'm always going to be there to call them out on their political bullshit.

P.S. If you're down and troubled (not going into James Taylor lyrics here) about my loss, just remember that 11% of the voter turnout in Pasadena - mostly people watching the campaign from afar or people who just didn't like Bogaard - chose me - and that says a lot. 25 years old, no political background whatsoever - COME ON! That's awesomeness.

Stand & Deliver forever.

- "Mr. 11%" Aaron Proctor


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