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A Second Language To Boost Your Career

A Second Language To Boost Your Career

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As of November 2007 the unemployment rate is 4.7 percent. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in a statement accompanying a release of the forecast said "While difficulties in housing and credit markets and the effects of high energy prices will extract a penalty from growth, the U.S. economy has many strengths and I expect the expansion to continue."

In a tough job market, it's always a good idea to market your unique abilities and experience so that a potential employer sees the higher value you offer. As the US becomes more diverse and as companies reach out internationally businesses are responding to a greater number of people who speak more than one language.

Fluency in a second language is indeed a hot commodity, which is rather different from just two decades ago; especially for careers in finance, production and sales. Learning to communicate in languages of up and coming economic leaders such as Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese will give you an edge your competition probably doesn�t have.

Second languages, especially Spanish in the United States, are likely to help in careers where a sale person communicates directly with consumers. Professionals who receive commissions and bonuses often look to new or unique audiences that they can introduce their services and or products to. Often this can include overseas markets.

So what will be the (ROI) return on your investment?

  • You are a valuable advantage to potential employer
  • You can visualize the company�s goals
  • Potential employers feel secure that you are able to expand your language skills if necessary.
  • Demonstrates that you can learn new and different skills that may be needed by an employer.
  • You'll always have something that distinguishes you in interviews.
  • The ability to communicate with people in or from other countries and gain their confidence that you are able to fulfill their business needs.

The survey, conducted by online language-learning firm Rosetta Stone, revealed that over three quarters of respondents had furthered their career prospects by speaking a second language. The most commonly spoken languages were

French (58 per cent)

Spanish (47 per cent)

German (31 per cent)

Italian (24 per cent)

Some employers do offer fully funded foreign language classes to employees as part of their training and development. But this is still rare and usually only practiced in large international companies. Other options include

  • Books with and without a DVD
  • Language learning on CDs
  • One day & community college courses
  • Finding a partner to learn with you or can help you learn a language.

A new option is called Mango Language

Mango Language is a social networking site that helps you learn another language. The forums, blog and other features can help you learn faster or more in-depth. Some of the cool tools Mango has include listening to the sentences, phrases and or individual words. They also use different color-coding to help tell the different parts of a sentence. Mango is a �learn at your own pace� social networking site that can help people who are able to learn on their own. is an online source to learn Spanish that conducts face to face, 'Live' language training but over the internet. They also have a section dedicated just for medical healthcare Spanish learning.

Other alternative sources for language learning includes

  • Buddhist Temples
  • Free podcasts (for practicing)

As technology reaches far and wide the world of who is not assessable is shrinking. Learning a foreign language will open your mind and doors to career opportunities. It may seem that learning these new skills is easier when we�re young but it�s never too late to learn.

The options available to learn a new language (or two) are diverse. You don�t need to be in a classroom anymore to be taught effectively. The tools are available; you just have to know how to integrate it into your day-to-day life. If you�ve ever been passionate about it, now is the time to take the plunge.



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