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What is the difference between a keyword friendly resume and a traditional resume? A lot in today's technology fast paced world.

A traditional resume is designed, to attract and hold the attention of the reader. The layout and design are very important as is a focus on 'power words'. A keyword resume, on the other hand, is designed to be found using keywords and key phrases. Often the keywords are used by both human and scanning software to accurately a resume with the keywords a company is looking for in a candidate. Often the keyword resume has a section at the top called a keyword summary that lists the keywords separated by either commas or periods.

Keywords are generally nouns or phrases that an employer will use when searching for an candidate with specific skills. To maximize the chances of your resume being found during a search, you will want to use the most important industry keywords and key phrases.

  1. Keywords should focus on technical and professional areas of expertise and industry-related jargon.
  2. Include the names of associations and organizations you belong to.
  3. Use synonyms of keywords in different parts of your resume and if you use initials for a term in one section, spell the term out in another. This is where the keyword summary becomes useful. Example - If you use the initials B.A. in the education section of your resume, spell it out, Bachelor of Arts, in the keyword summary.
  4. Always be specific. Instead of using the keyword phrase "computer literate", use specific software that you are proficient with such as Microsoft Office.

A lot of hiring managers are now trying to cut the candidate search down by using search functions and even engines to locate matching candidates. They type in a keyword or key phrase and the resumes with those words / phrases join a list of 'look at me'.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give any specific list of the best keywords to use in your resume as this depends on your career objective, experience, industry and skills. If you have any doubts and want a top notch resume try consulting with a professional resume writer. They can be a little expensive but it could be the difference between a good resume and a found resume.



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